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About Us

About Us

“We help people enjoy a safe commute.”

We know one of the key features when buying a car is the entertainment and navigation system.  We want to know we can connect to our loved ones when they are traveling to and from their destinations.  We want to know they are able to find their way to and from those destinations with ease.  We want to know their hands are on the wheel and their eyes are on the road. We want to know they are enjoying the drive after a long hard day at work.

We know it is expensive to replace a factory radio and for many of us keeping our cars looking new is important to us.  We know it’s hard to provide for your customers the car of their dreams at the price they can afford when you have to spend money on expensive repairs to meet your customer quality standards.  

We help you to do that by repairing the entertainment and navigation system in those cars for a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. 

Mobile Truck Shop is a family owned business and when you work with us you can expect to become part of our family.  Let us help you help your customers enjoy their journeys on the road too.